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Computer Vision by Xiong Zhihui downloads torrent
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Product Details:

Author(s): Xiong Zhihui

Category: Computers (Other)

Date: 2008

Pages: 538

Publisher: IN-TECH

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9537619213

Format: PDF

Book Description:

Computer Vision ISBN 978-953-7619-21-3 Hard cover, 538 pages Edited by: Xiong Zhihui Publisher: IN-TECH Publication date: November 2008 About the Book This book presents research trends on computer vision, especially on application of robotics, and on advanced approachs for computer vision (such as omnidirectional vision). Among them, research on RFID technology integrating stereo vision to localize an indoor mobile robot is included in this book. Besides, this book includes many research on omnidirectional vision, and the combination of omnidirectional vision with robotics. This book features representative work on the computer vision, and it puts more focus on robotics vision and omnidirectioal vision. The intended audience is anyone who wishes to become familiar with the latest research work on computer vision, especially its applications on robots. The contents of this book allow the reader to know more technical aspects and applications of computer vision. Researchers and instructors will benefit from this book. Table of Content 01 Behavior Fusion for Visually-Guided Service Robots Mohamed Abdellatif 02 Dynamic Omnidirectional Vision Localization Using a Beacon Tracker Based on Particle Filter Zuoliang Cao, Xianqiu Meng and Shiyu Liu 03 Paracatadioptric Geometry using Conformal Geometric Algebra Carlos Lopez-Franco 04 Treating Image Loss by using the Vision/Motion Link: David Folio and Viviane Cadenat 05 Nonlinear Stable Formation Control using Omnidirectional Images Christiano Couto Gava, Raquel Frizera Vassallo, Flavio Roberti and Ricardo Carelli 06 Dealing with Data Association in Visual SLAM Arturo Gil, Oscar Reinoso, Monica Ballesta and David Ubeda 07 Precise and Robust Large-Shape Formation using Uncalibrated Vision for a Virtual Mold Biao Zhang, Emilio J. Gonzalez-Galvan, Jesse Batsche, Steven B. Skaar, Luis A. Raygoza and Ambrocio Loredo 08 Humanoid with Interaction Ability Using Vision and Speech Information Junichi Ido, Ryuichi Nisimura, Yoshio Matsumoto and Tsukasa Ogasawara 09 Development of Localization Method of Mobile Robot with RFID Technology and Stereo Vision Songmin Jia, Jinbuo Sheng and Kunikatsu Takase 10 An Implementation of Humanoid Vision - Analysis of Eye Movement and Implementation to Robot Kunihito Kato, Masayuki Shamoto and Kazuhiko Yamamot 11 Methods for Postprocessing in Single-Step Diffuse Optical Tomography Alexander B. Konovalov, Vitaly V. Vlasov, Dmitry V. Mogilenskikh, Olga V. Kravtsenyuk and Vladimir V. Lyubimov 12 Towards High-Speed Vision for Attention and Navigation of Autonomous City Explorer (ACE) Tingting Xu, Tianguang Zhang, Kolja Kuhnlenz and Martin Buss 13 New Hierarchical Approaches in Real-Time Robust Image Feature Detection and Matching M. Langer and K.-D. Kuhnert 14 Image Acquisition Rate Control Based on Object State Information in Physical and Image Coordinates Feng-Li Lian and Shih-Yuan Peng 15 Active Tracking System with Rapid Eye Movement Involving Simultaneous Top-down and Bottom-up Attention Control Masakazu Matsugu, Kan Torii and Yoshinori Ito 16 Parallel Processing System for Sensory Information Controlled by Mathematical Activation-Input-Modulation Model Masahiko Mikawa, Takeshi Tsujimura and Kazuyo Tanaka 17 Development of Pilot Assistance System with Stereo Vision for Robot Manipulation Takeshi Nishida, Shuichi Kurogi, Koichi Yamanaka, Wataru Kogushi and Yuichi Arimura 18 Camera Modelling and Calibration - with Applications Anders Ryberg, Anna-Karin Christiansson, Bengt Lennartson and Kenneth Eriksson 19 Algorithms of Digital Processing and the Analysis of Underwater Sonar Images S.V. Sai, A.G. Shoberg and L.A. Naumov 20 Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation by Center Following based on Monocular Vision Takeshi Saitoh, Naoya Tada and Ryosuke Konishi 21 Temporal Coordination among Two Vision-Guided Vehicles: A Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Approach Cristina P Santos and Manuel Joao Ferreira 22 Machine Vision: Approaches and Limitations Moises Rivas Lopez, Oleg Sergiyenko and Vera Tyrsa 23 Image Processing for Next-Generation Robots Gabor Sziebig, Bjorn Solvang and Peter Korondi 24 Projective Reconstruction and Its Application in Object Recognition for Robot Vision System Ferenc Tel and Bela Lantos 25 Vision-based Augmented Reality Applications Yuko Uematsu and Hideo Saito 26 Catadioptric Omni-directional Stereo Vision and Its Applications in Moving Objects Detection Xiong Zhihui, Chen Wang and and Zhang Maojun 27 Person Following Robot with Vision-based and Sensor Fusion Tracking Algorithm Takafumi Sonoura, Takashi Yoshimi, Manabu Nishiyama, Hideichi Nakamoto, Seiji Tokura and Nobuto Matsuhira

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